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KMK network, quality medical service, updated with the latest technology equipment.

KMK is a well-known network of medical clinics committed to providing quality health care services in several cities and areas of Albania. KMK stands out for its modern facilities, unwavering professionalism, years of expertise and the latest technological equipment, ensuring the highest standards of medical care for its patients.

With locations in Tirana, Korçë, Erseke, Pogradec, Bilisht and Maliq, KMK brings accessible healthcare to communities in a very important part of the country.

Part of KMK is also MRS Optical, the leader in the supply of Italian optical lenses in Albania.

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Dedicated Pharmacy Network

Our pharmacies, in addition to offering a careful selection of high-quality products, also make every visit easier for our patients by being located at any of our locations.
Our focus is the quality of the products and the assurance of their authenticity. We offer you complete professionalism through a staff of pharmacists, who are ready to answer any questions and requests related to your health and that of your entire family.


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Modern Facilities

A sterile and relaxing environment combined with the latest diagnostic technologies

You will undoubtedly find the latest technology in medicine at any Kristi Medical Clinic. The modern equipment we offer makes it possible to diagnose and effectively treat any problem that may concern you regarding your health. Contact one of our clinics based on your location and book your first visit if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Monitoring of your health
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Common health concerns
  • Accidental burns
  • Various fractures
  • Stomach pain
  • Different allergies
  • Flu, Colds, etc.

Kristi Medical Clinic: Your health and well-being are our top priority.

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4.9 star

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kristi Clinic is known for its commitment to quality health care and for contemporary technologies offered in every medical environment. For many years we have been a leader in service, technology, and price. Being not only a very efficient provider of medical services, but also an affordable provider for Albanians.

The KMK network offers a wide range of medical services according to locations such as:

- General healthcare

- Consultations with specialist doctors

- Laboratory and X-ray examinations

- Treatment for various diseases

- Healthcare for children and adults

- Treatment for chronic diseases

- Vaccinations and immunizations

- Advice on health and diet

In case of emergency, you can contact one of our clinics by calling the phone numbers set for each of them. Our specialized staff will guide you through the steps to follow in the event of an emergency and ensure that you receive the appropriate health care.

The waiting time for your lab test results can also vary depending on the type of tests and the laboratory's workload. Routine test results, such as simple blood tests, usually take less time, while more specialized tests may take longer. For more detailed information, contact our clinic.

Yes, all KMK are equipped with the appropriate tools to perform radiographic examinations, laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures. These technologies give our clinics the capacity to diagnose many types of health concerns and provide appropriate treatment.