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Kristi Dental Clinic in Tirana - A comprehensive dental clinic

Our modern dental clinic in Tirana was established in 2023 and we have brought innovation in technology and quality in the field of dentistry. We are one of the most trusted clinics for Dental Tourism as a result of our experience in the field of advanced implantology. Our services include all aspects of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, with the overall goal of taking care of your oral health. We use the latest dental expertise and technology to ensure you receive the highest standards of dental care available today in Tirana, Albania.

  • Clinic equipped with the most modern equipment in terms of technology
  • Many years of medical expertise in treating problems
  • The most competitive prices & multi-year warranty for our services
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Kristi Dental Clinic

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Up-To-Date Environment

Modern rooms and the latest diagnostic technologies

Kirsti Dental Clinic in Tirana is part of a large medical group, distributed throughout Albania. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and our clinic is adapted in the best way to serve patients with maximum efficiency, hygiene and quality.

The clinic staff offers hospitality to every patient, regardless of the problem. We also speak Italian and English, to offer maximum care to patients who trust us for dental tourism.

  • Extensive medical services
  • Advanced imaging exams and tests
  • Modern Clinic
  • Medical consultation with health experts
  • Modern diagnostics
  • Different allergies

Dental Services

The highest quality dental services at the lowest prices!

We are one of the few clinics in Tirana which provides financially affordable treatments for foreign patients as well as for Albanian patients. Patients who choose us always demand excellent and comprehensive care, which we promise every time.

  • Implantology
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Crowns
  • General Dentistry
  • Dental Veneer
  • Dental prosthesis
  • Invisalign (teeth straightening)
  • Orthodontics

Kristi Dental Clinic, Tirana

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4.9 star

Patient Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental tourism is the practice of traveling to receive dental treatment outside of your home country. The choice of Tirana for dental treatments is favorable due to lower costs, high quality of care and numerous tourist attractions that the city offers.

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of dental services, including implantology procedures, orthodontics, and restorative treatments. We have a qualified team with long experience in even the most complicated treatments.

Our dentists have extensive experience in the field of implantology, including complex dental implant treatments. They are qualified and use the latest technology to provide the best possible care.

We offer a wide range of dental implants, including those from different materials, well-known brands, and customized options to best match the patient's needs.

The timing of the dental implant procedure depends on many factors, but usually includes surgery, a healing period, and placement of the final restoration. The total time may be several months.

The costs of dental treatments in Tirana are often lower compared to other countries, without compromising on quality. This fact makes Tirana a favorite destination for international patients who are looking for quality and satisfactory dental treatment.